Sanguine Clarity


Sister Gu Jifen




"Sanguine Clarity"


Introverted (-1 Diplomacy, +1 Empathy)










Han Chinese



Trigrams: 16

Vigor: 2

Vitality: 3

Finesse: 2

Perception: 3

Wisdom: 2

Cunning: 1

Grace: 1

Valor: 2

Hexagrams: 32

Martial Skills: +1

Subtle Skills

Civil Skills:

Technical Skills

Mystical Skills: +1

Hand to Hand: 3

(Vig+Vit): 5

Total: 9

Stealth: 3

(Fin+Pe): 5

Total: 8


(Gra+Val): 3

Total: 3


(Wis+Cun): 3

Total: 3

Internal Alchemy: Rank: 4

(Vit+Pe): 6

Total: 11

Melee: 3

(Vig+Fin): 4

Total: 8

Sleight of Hand:

(Fin+Gra): 3

Total: 4


(Wis+Gra): 3

Total: 2


(Fin+Wis): 3

Total: 3


(Wis+Val): 3



(Pe+Fin): 5

Total: 6

Athletics: 2

(Vig+Vit): 5

Total: 7


(Cun+Gra): 2

Total: 2


(Wis+Pe): 2

Total: 2


(Gra+Pe): 2



(Pe+Val): 5

Total: 6

Acrobatics: 2

(Vig+Fin): 5

Total: 7

Empathy: 3

(Pe+Gra): 4

Total: 8


(Fin+Wis): 4

Total: 4


(Val+Cun): 3


Evasion: 3

(Vig+Pe): 4

Total: 8

Awareness: 4

(Pe+Cun): 4

Total: 8


(Wis+Gra): 3

Total: 3


(Fin+Val): 4

Total: 4


(Pe+Wis): 5


Initiative: 2

(Val+Fin): 4

Total: 7

Animal Handling:
Grae+Val): 5

Total: 5


(Cun+Gra): 2

Total: 2


(Fin+Cun): 3

Total: 3

Breath: 4

(Vit+Wis): 5

Total: 10

Fortitude: 2

(Vit+Val): 5

Total: 8


(Cun+Vit): 4

Total: 4


(Wis+Cun): 3

Total: 3


(Cun+Gra): 2

Total: 2


(Val+Wis): 4

Total: 5








Double Saber





Iron Prayer Beads





Cannot parry

Eagle Claw Boxing




Iron Hand




Internal Alchemy technique

Languages Spoken: Chinese.

Scripts Read: Chinese, sanskrit.

Notable Equipment and Resources:

Twin Sabers (6 taels): These are a pair of "Mandarin Duck" sabers, two blades that share a single sheath. They were Jifen's swords back when she wandered Gansu province starting fights with bandits. When she retired to the monastery, she buried them under an old willow tree; when the monastery was destroyed and she re-entered the jianghu, she dug them up again.

Iron Prayer Beads (300 cash): This necklace of prayer beads looks innocuous from the outset, but is substantially heavier and sturdier than most. When unhooked, they function as a chain whip.

Horse: This horse approached her on the road when she left the monastery, almost as though it had sought her out. At first she thought it might be the reincarnated spirit of Black Thunder, the horse she rode in her violent youth, but then she remembered that the individual soul is an illusion and it's just some random horse.

Begging Bowl: Buddhist monks carry these for begging food and money from strangers, which is important when your religion forbids you from having material wealth. Money: She doesn't have any. Vow of poverty and all that.

Talents: 8

Boxing Style: Eagle Claw!

Sanguine Clarity has trained extensively in Eagle Claw boxing, a physically rigorous style that relies on heavily conditioning the fingertips for striking. This style grants her +2 to Precision and +1 to Power when fighting unarmed.

Double Blade!

Melee: 2

You can engage multiple foes at swordplay simaltaneously. By spending a point of Breath, you may make two simaltaneous Melee attacks when wielding a weapon in each hand.

Feather Step!

Requirements: Internal Alchemy 2

By spending a point of Breath, you can make your body light as a feather. Make an Internal Alchemy check; for the duration of the next scene, you gain a bonus to all acrobatics checks equal to your successes. Additionally, you are capable of accomplishing seemingly impossible feats of balance and agility, such as running on the surface of water, and standing on the limbs of bamboo trees.

Skin of Bronze!

By spending a point of Breath, you can make your body hard as iron. For the duration of the scene, you gain armor equal to your Internal Alchemy skill ranks. This bonus does not stack with any actual armor you may be wearing.

Iron Hand! You can make your hands as hard as steel. Whenever you land an unarmed blow, you may spend a point of Breath to add your Internal Alchemy ranks to your unarmed attack damage.

Healing Trance!

Requirement: Internal Alchemy 3

Through intense meditation, you can accelerate your body's natural healing process. By spending a point of Breath, you may make an Internal Alchemy check in place of a Medicine check to heal your own wounds. Each wound requires an hour of un-interrupted meditation to heal, but is completely recovered after that. Additionally, you may use this talent to purge toxins and diseases from your own body. By spending two points of Breath, you may heal your wounds in a single round, rather than over the course of hours. Still the Breath!Requirement: Internal Alchemy 4

Through total mastery of your body, you can temporarily suspend breathing and other vital functions. Spend a point of Breath; for the remainder of the scene, you no longer need to breathe. This renders you immune to many poisonous gasses, and allows you to stay underwater indefinitely without drowning.

Additionally, this ability may be used to suspend the heartbeat, respiration, and all vital functions, placing the Alchemist into a death-like trance. While in said trance, any observer must make a Awareness check opposed by the character's Internal Alchemy check to notice that they are even alive.

Fight Through the Pain!

Requirements: Internal Alchemy 4
You can deaden nerves and realign the broken parts of your body, allowing you to fight through grievous injuries. Spend a point of Breath, and making an Internal Alchemy check: For the duration of the scene, You may ignore a number of wound points equal to your successes. You are still subject to being stunned or disabled from failed Fortitude checks, and still fall unconscious if you take wounds equal to your Fortitude total.

This technique comes at great cost; forcing broken bones and severed tendons to move together exacerbates injuries. When the scene is over, you take damage equal to the number of wound points you ignored (ignoring 1-3 points causes an additional light wound, 4-6 causes a moderate wound, and so on).


Once upon a time, there was a young outlaw named Gu Jifen, who roamed the western frontiers with her lover. There, they lived by the virtue of the swords in their hands, fighting injustice and living free of society's rules.

But life for such an adventurer is filled with risk. While standing up to a corrupt officer who had been oppressing the people, Jifen found herself badly injured, and her lover slain before her eyes.

Broken and bleeding, she found herself taken in by a Buddhist monastery. Deciding that life in the jianghu was nothing but pain and suffering, she sought to escape it through a life of simplicity and meditation. She buried her swords in the monastery's garden, shaved her head, and donned the robe of a Buddhist ascetic.

That was thirty years ago.

For nearly three decades, Jifen meditated on the nature of suffering and the illusions of the material world. For nearly three decades, she sat in isolation, striving for enlightenment. Until that life, too, was shattered.

In a territorial dispute between the Qing and Ming states, Jifen's monastery was sacked by soldiers of one state and shelled to rubble by soldiers of the other.

It was then, at long last, that she had her epiphany: One cannot escape from Samsara. One cannot wall away suffering. One can only accept it. That day, as the smoke cleared, she unburied her swords and re-entered the jianghu.

Personality: Gu Jifen has two natures at war within herself: that of herself as a warrior, and that of herself as a monk. She tends to come across as quite bitter and cynical, which is likely caused by her long life of suffering. She believes that pain and suffering are the core aspects of the human condition, and that acceptance of this is the only means by which man can survive. Her demeanor tends to be rather jaded, and she frequently comes across as bitter and unfriendly.

Appearance: Jifen dresses in the plain robes of a wandering Buddhist nun, usually accompanied by a wide-brimmed straw hat. She carries a sabers at her side, which makes her stand out as a troublemaker. She is in incredible physical condition for a woman her age, stronger and more agile than most men in their youth.

Playstyle: Sanguine Clarity is a combat/stealth character, skilled with both weaponry and unarmed combat. Her Internal Alchemy skills allow her to perform seemingly inhuman physical feats. In social situations, her keen senses make her excellent at reading others, but she is quite bad at expressing herself in a useful way.

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